Snapshot and scapple

Is there any possibility that scapple also has some kind of snapshot or editing facilities? It will be very helpful if there is some kind of tracking of changes in scapple also.

Not directly but you save a project with dates allowing you to compare serial changes. Also if use a different note format or background color could see the evolution as well.

As a simple file-based program, one that opens text files and saves them back to the disk, I would say this is more the domain of your operating system or the tools you use in conjunction with it. It is not customary for such programs to provide such complex architecture within the software itself.

For a simple example that almost everyone has access to, using cloud backup or sync services will typically give you some measure of simple version recovery. Those more technically inclined could use git or similar.

A tip though: if you’re mainly finding the aggressive auto-save to be a bit too much and why you are looking for versions (because that does work different from most text editors), you can turn that off in File ▸ Options..., or change the idle delay to be a bit longer so that it only triggers when you take a break. I turn it off, because I prefer the ability to change my mind and close without saving.