Snapshot[BUG LOGGED]

Scrivener crashes when I try to do any form of snapshot, whether it be “Take Snapshot”, “Take Snapshot with title” or “Take Snapshot of Selected Documents”. The only exception is “Take Snapshot of All Text Documents” which appears to do nothing.

Apologies if this bug has already been noted, I have been away from the forum for a few days, and while I did briefly search for similar posts I only found some mentioning this issue in the tutorial. I was trying snapshot in the general working of Scrivener (e.g. outside of the tutorial) and thought it worth mentioning that the same thing was happening.

Having same issue.

I’m not having this issue, the snapshots (and rolling back) work fine except for “Take Snapshot of All Text Documents”, which has no effect.

Running Scrivener Beta 1.2 on Windows XP Pro with SP3, on a netbook.

I’m experiencing the same problem. I can take a snapshot of the current folder but if I try “Take Snapshot of All Text Documents” it does nothing. Thinking this might just be something that isn’t available in beta.

There is another post that logs a bug for crashes with snapshots on Windows Vista 64 bit.

With regards to taking snapshots of multiple selected text items - Scrivener should not do this. So, it is functioning as expected. Taking snapshots of a single folder or single text item is normal behavior. A snapshot on a single folder is not a snapshot of all the text items listed beneath the folder - just the folder. Which makes sense because a folder can be converted to a text item and likewise for a text item to a folder at any time. Hope this clarifies things a little.

I’m having the same problem, with Windows Vista 32 bit. Exactly as theJPB described.

Just to provide more information. I am also having the same problem with Snapshot crashing. I’m running Windows Vista 32bit - SP2.

I am having this problem as well with Scrivener Beta 1.7 on Windows 7 (64 Bit), but not for every iteration of the snapshot function. All but “Take Snapshot With Title” and it’s shortcut cause the software to crash.

*I just downloaded Beta 1.9 and it has the same issue.