Snapshot Compare in External Program

I love snapshots and the built-in compare, but external software like Araxis Merge or Kaleidoscope have better compare algorithms (moved paragraphs etc). So my wishlist is to be able to open the compare in an external program, as we can do for binder items already. Most compare programs have a commandline tool and simply require two files passed to them to initiate a compare.

As an additional cool feature, because snapshots are historical, it would be lovely to be able to make a “report”, showing the compare for all snapshots in a timeline document (exported as a PDF or something).

It is not precisely what you are asking for, but have you tried exporting the document you wish to analyse with the Export snapshots checkbox enabled?

No, I hadn’t seen that option, and yes, from there I can certainly make a script to generate a timeline (I just have to work out what diff program can automate multiple diff output without a GUI).

Being able to launch a diff program from within Scrivener would still be a very welcome addition (to me at least :wink: ).

Just noticed that in mac Scriv 2.8, this option no longer works – a snapshot folder is created, but no actual snapshots are exported.