Snapshot & compare

Would be very nice to be able to snapshot and compare several binder documents at once (e.g. nested documents). In the case of nested documents, this might be as simple as asking the user “do you want to include all sub-documents in the snapshot or comparison?”, and doing the rest behind the scenes.

Longer term, perhaps even snapshot / compare when the documents are the results of a search e.g. what am I now saying different about “XYZ” (a search).

Yeah, something like this would be great. I think compare would be nice-to-have, but being able to snapshot the whole project would be really useful I think, especially when doing revisions of multiple scenes/chapters.

To clarify, it is possible to take individual snapshots of multiple documents simultaneously now; just select them all in the binder before you take the snapshot.

Haha, yeah I just realized that you could snapshot multiple documents at once like MM said, so that’s most of what I need :smiley:

Maybe a way to get a diff of the changes would be useful? I suppose that could be done fairly easily by comparing exported versions instead, as long as you remember to backup/export at key points. showing changes in individual documents between snapshots would still be nice-to-have.

The Mac version can already show the differences between snapshots - either between a snapshot and the current text or between different snapshots - so this will be coming to Windows eventually too.

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