snapshot content

My writing is tightly connected to the Binder Outline.

If I am going to make a snapshot of the written documents, I want to preserve the outline that is associated with the written documents.

As far as I can see, a snapshot preserves only the documents and not the corresponding Binder Outline.

That is a problem for me as the new writing will require me to destroy the old Binder outline since i create the Binder outline before i write the documents.

am i not turning on a snapshot feature? does this feature already exist? if not, I encourage you to consider including the appropriate Binder Outline with the corresponding documents that are stored in a snapshot

bil :smiley:

As far as I know, the Snapshot feature is tied to an individual document, not to the project as a whole. Invoking it on one document preserves a snapshot for that document only, so the concept of preserving the outline as well is outside its scope.

To get what you’re looking for, can you use the manual Backup facility (with a suitable filename) instead?

ah…I see.
It is interesting how we each interpret differently.

Since I am a guy who is centered on outline, I figured that if i clicked on an outline element, i would define the scope of snapshot and hence get both outline elements and documents associated with the original selectted outline element.

Your interpretation appears to more accurately describe what is happening. it is odd that the term 'snapshot" was invented for this operagtion when all it is doing is saving a document.

usually snapshot (camera metaphor) is encompassing a great deal of on connected disparate data. that would perfectly describe what I thought it was. oh well.

thank you for your understanding. i can use it.


No problem…

The snapshot feature does a bit more than just save the document though – it might be worth your time spending a few minutes reading the relevant section of the manual just to make sure you’re getting everything out of it that you need.

One other thing you can do to preserve the original outline is to use the outline compile preset, and compile to PDF, then re-import that pdf to your research folder.

Other options include duplicating your entire manuscript into another folder (takes a little work to explain how, bit it’s pretty easy to actually do), or if document hierarchy isn’t important, then you can create a “collection” that will preserve the order of the documents added to it even if you rearrange things in the binder.