Snapshot Crashes Program

Hey, I just downloaded and installed the current Windows Beta (today is April 26th 2011) and it’s crashing every time I attempt a snapshot. Chances are good someone has already pointed this out, but just in case here’s my report:

I am currently running Windows Vista. Every time that I attempt to take a snapshot by going to document, snapshot, take snapshot, scrivener goes pale and windows informs me that the program has experienced a problem and will shut down. This originally happened with mozilla firefox running in the background but has since happened every time I attempt to take a snapshot whether there are other programs running or not. Also, I have tried it with various documents, originally it happened when I was using the tutorial but it happens with new documents and imported documents as well. Also, it happens in the maximized window as well as with the default window size.

Hope that’s in some way helpful.


I’m having the same problem, and have been since February/March. Any time I try to create a snapshot, the application crashes and closes.

Vista SP2, 32 bit
Scrivener Build 024

In case it helps locate this, I tried some variations with Snapshots, and they seem to work perfectly, even multiples including a huge one with pictures. This is on Windows7 32bit latest version, well supplied laptop, Scrivener Beta 024.

A guess as to what might be causing the problem is that there is a sound used when the Snapshot is taken - a camera clicking, and a crash could occur if there is some trouble with playing that.

I can’t locate the sound file for this, so can’t suggest a troublehooting routine to see if playing that sound is causing a problem.

I could ask if either of you have system sounds playing all right in other circumstances. Do you get one of those elaborate fanfares or chimes as Windows opens when you start the computer from powered off? Do you hear beeps normally at points where an alert shows, etc.?

Might help narrowing this down to know. You might also try muting the computer by using the checkbox underneath the software volume control, and see if Snapshots start working normally then.


I had this issue too. The default for my computer is to have my sound off, but I turned it on because I wanted to hear the click sound and it crashed. (It crashed with the sound off, too). My computer’s sound system works fine in all other circumstances, when I’m logging on I get the fanfare bit. I tried doing the snapshot going like documents -> snapshot, but it crashed, as well as when I used the inspector thing.

Hi all,

Thanks for the reports on this. Definitely doesn’t seem to be an all the time occurrence for everyone, so if there’s anything else particular you can think of on how to reproduce this, I’d be grateful. I gather though that you’re getting this every time you make a snapshot, in any document, any project, etc.?

Skarlog, are you also running Vista?

I am running Vista.
Okay, so I tried to take a snapshot on a script and it crashed. So it’s happened to me on a fiction novel project, and a script project on different pages.

Skarlog, great, thank you for the extra information. Naturally Vista is the one version of the OS I can’t test on right now, but I’ve logged all this and will add any additional info if anything else crops up.

Hey guys, just following up on this a bit as Lee’s looking into it. If you could test playing a .wav file out of your Research folder in a project (for instance, the Tutorial has that Buzz Aldrin file) and make sure that works without problem, that’d help indicate whether this is somehow sound-related or not. Additionally, text from the error message that pops up would help as well, if you’re getting a dialogue that spits out a couple paragraphs. And although I know you’re all on Vista, could you confirm whether you’re on 32- or 64-bit and what service pack you have? This may very well come down to some random little library that’s installed or not installed on your computer for some outside reason.

Finally, if there are any other details about this you can think of, if there are any cases where using the snapshot in some way doesn’t cause a crash for you, that would all be incredibly useful. I know this probably sounds ridiculous to you if you’re always getting this crash, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it yet, which makes it significantly harder for Lee to find it and fix it. Thanks for all your help on this!

I just came across this thread and thought I’d try taking a snapshot (not something I do often, and not since installing 024).

It didn’t work. instead up came a popup that said (I’m sorry, I should have taken a screen shot and didn’t) scrivener tried to use ffdshow (or something similar) and ffdshow was unsure what to do. The pop-up offered four options, the last one - use ffdshow - was the one I picked. Snapshot then worked perfectly.


Just to update. I’m still having the snapshot problem as well. It’s not an intermittent problem for me. I have always had the issue (since the build back in February, I believe), and have had the issue no matter how I try to take a snapshot. 32bit, Vista SP2. [Edit: I am also using the latest build of Scrivener (024)]

I checked to see that I was able to play the Buzz Aldrin file from the tutorial, and that works without any problems. Unlike Camy, I didn’t get any sort of pop-up message giving me options of what to do, it just crashed. I checked the Windows logs - which of course are pretty useless as far as troubleshooting anything significant goes - and there was an application error message. The information from that is posted below, just in case it’s useful at all. Thanks for looking into this.

Faulting application Scrivener.exe, version, time stamp 0x4dc8e075, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6002.18327, time stamp 0x4cb73436, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000673dd, process id 0xd90, application start time 0x01cc2bf27a471491.

I know that at least one user has still reported this issue in beta 049. There’s a new thread about the Snapshot crash here–if any of you are still getting this on the most recent beta, any information requested there that you have a chance to gather and send would be greatly appreciated!