Snapshot Feature

Edited to say:

I was under the impression that snapshots saved a copy of files in the snapshots folder. I didn’t know that when I when I deleted an text file that I had emptied, that all the snapshots of that file were deleted too. I thought they were stored in the snapshots folder. I have two particularly complex works that possible never would have been finished without scriv, but in the process of organizing, there have been casualties. My perception of how snapshots worked recently added to the body count.

I think that attaching snapshots to the noted card, or text file is handy for organizing them, but only as long as the text in the file stays the same as what it’s associated with. However, there are instances where you may not be the case, especially when editing works not originally created in scriv.

So to my wish list, I would like to request a drop and drag feature for snapshots or a master snapshot storage area like you have with key words.

This is the only way in which scrivener doesn’t work for me. I really love it a lot.