Snapshot for complete Manuscript and Folders

Hi there,

The snapshot feature of Scrivener is great. No doubt about it. Thou in some cases I miss the possibility of producing a snapshot of a complete folder or of the complete manuscript. The use case for these are:

  1. Complete manuscript:
    You work, work and work. Write and write and after some months you have something that is readable and can be circulated as a whole work. At this stage I would like to be able to snapshot the whole manuscript. I can of course go chapter by chapter and snapshot it, but I find this inconvenient.

  2. Complete folder:
    I know the manuscript is not more than a folder. But, in any case, I also have chapters spawning over more than one text file, and for for those I would also love to be able to tag the chapter as a whole and not scene by scene.


I watched the video tutorial again. This feat is already there. Sorry for bothering…