Snapshot Integration?


Really enjoying the iOS experience, and I know this might not be possible, but are you planning to be able to integrate ‘snapshots’ into the iOS app? It would make things a lot more integrated. Yes, I know it takes snapshots of the iOS at the moment, but places them in the macOS version only. So, that must mean they reside in the DropBox copy.

Looking at it another way, is it possible to extract the snapshots from DropBox?

Thank you,


Just to be clear, the “iOS Scrivener” copy, the “Dropbox copy,” and the “Mac OS copy” are identical. (Unless you’ve got some unsynchronized changes somewhere.) There is no information in the Dropbox copy of the project that is not also present in the other two copies.

While it is technically possible to extract any of the component files by looking through the project structure, it is not recommended and is good way to corrupt your project.


Hi Katherine, and thanks for your reply. However, what I was asking, and what I would like, is to have the ability to select from a list and therefore call up snapshots within the iOS app.