Snapshot lost me loads

Oh yes, I see that and it makes sense. I’m just being overly picky because I like to have them show up in Scriv with a space between the annotation and the text before it, to make it easier for me to read, but I don’t want to insert the space before the annotation because it will mess up spacing later if I strip the annotations. But when I keep them during an editing stage and use them in a program that has to read the annotations inline with square brackets (rather than as fancy comments), the spacing is on the wrong side of the brackets visually (even though it’s right for the way I set up the annotations in Scrivener). In my ideal world, Scrivener would automagically retain leading spaces but move them to before the annotation instead of within it. But I have to guess that’d be way more a pain in the neck to code than it’s worth, especially since it’s probably not something that tends to happen to people. I use Google Docs for collaborative projects (yes, I know, everyone hates it, but it works well for what I need to do) and all I can do with annotations if I want to keep them is use the brackets, so I just have to go through and fix the spacing. At least there’s the magic of find/replace!

Anyway, I didn’t mean to insult Scrivener or your work on it, so apologies if it came off as griping. It is literally my only, and very minor, sorrow with the glory that is Scrivener annotations, and I use them all the time. Possibly even too often, if there could be such a thing.

Oh no, it didn’t come across as a moan at all. My reply was only short because I was really busy but just wanted to explain quickly why they are placed where they are, not because I was actually being “short”!
All the best,