Snapshot Name

I was about to suggest this when I saw that Amber came up with it before I even heard of Scrivener (2006).

It’d be nice in a future version, if we could add a title/notation to snapshots. Keep the date, but have a dialogue box pop up and ask for a notation so we can tell why we saved the snapshot in the first place.


As you may have already uncovered, the work-around I’ve been using is simply annotations. If I want to name or notate a snapshot, I’ll just Cmd-Uparrow to the top, add an annotation explaining the snapshot, take a snap, and then delete the note. That way, when I’m scrolling through snapshots I can quickly see identity at the top of the file in the viewer. It is not quite as convenient as naming would be, either during the snapshot process or the retrieval process (the difference between manilla envelopes with and without tabs), but it works.

It’s a very clever workaround, AV. It’s not as nice as snapshot names because I have to go through a bunch of snapshots to find the right one. If they had names, it’d be quicker and more convenient.

Until then, I’m going to go make a QK macro to automate the annotations process! :wink: