Snapshot of the corkboard

Is it possible to take a snapshot of the corkboard? I had taken down a number of notes on a notecard, and then lost it all by clicking on auto-generate. and the “undo” option didn’t help.



Snapshots only capture the document body, so although it’s possible to select an item on the corkboard and use the snapshot command, it wouldn’t help in this case to preserve the synopsis. “Undo” should work, though: if you click the “auto-generate” button above the index card in the inspector and have your text replaced, click into the card to put the focus there and then you should be able to use Undo to restore your original text. Even if you’ve typed a bit in the document, you should still be able to switch to the index card and successfully use Undo. Could you let me know the steps you took where this didn’t work?


I did go back and try various permutations of the Undo command, but I had no luck. I’ve moved on, but thanks for your help.