Snapshot question

I’m using v.2.3. If I take a snapshot by clicking “Take Snapshot,” the status appears; however, when I click “Take Snapshot With Title,” the status does not appear. Is there a way to get the status to also appear with “Take Snapshot With Title”?


No it doesn’t do that when you provide the title yourself because that is the purpose of that feature: so you can provide the title. If you wish to have some parenthetical information after the title you specify, you can add that in yourself when you type it in. This parenthetical that is added to the title automatically is not always the status. It can sometimes say “(Save)”, when the snapshot is automatically generated from a manual save of the project. It also has other provided notes when they are generated as a result of syncing. In all cases they are just a part of the title. If you double-click in the snapshot name you can change the whole automatically generated name; it isn’t a separate display.