Snapshot Text Does Not Fill Pane

This is something I just noticed while working with Beta 15 and version side-by-side. When in the Inspector pane, Snapshot tab, when clicking on a snapshot, the content is displayed in the split pane below. In Beta 15, the content is centred and fills only the middle of the pane, with wide margins. In, the content fills the entire split pane, which is much more convenient.


Would you be able to upload a screenshot of this? And what was the formatting of the document when the screenshot was taken?

Thanks for your help with this.

Screenshot as requested.

Sorry for the delay in responding, is this margin issue still affecting your snapshots in the latest beta?

Yes, still the same in Beta 16.

Would you mind sending a copy of a project that has this issue in it? You can email it to and just add a link to this post. It would be very helpful to take a look at various settings and see what’s not functioning properly.

Thanks for all of your help with this.

I have sent you a copy of the project by email, as requested. It is the Beta 3 Tutorial project which exhibits the same scrunched display of snapshot content. It does not seem to matter if the content is in a fixed font or a proportional font, the same problem occurs. An idea just struck me…I have setup margins for the main edit pane of the screen, and I wonder if this might be causing a big margin on the snapshot display.

FYI, this is still happening in Beta 17.

I think I figured out where the margin is coming from. In Options->Appearance->Main Editor->Editor Margins, changing the Editor Margin value changes not only the main editor, but the Snapshot content display as well. In V1.9, changing the Editor Margin only changes the margins of the main editor while the Snapshot content seems to have a small fixed margin.

So, it looks like the Snapshot content in V3 is not using a fixed margin with offsets, as it probably should, but it pulls initial margin value from the main editor margin, which can really scrunch the Snapshot content. For example, setting an Editor Margin of 100 points allows only two or three words per line in the snapshot to show up. I tend to use 50 points to give me a nice white space between the editor and the Binder on the left and the information on the right, squeezing the Snapshot content considerably.

FYI, still happening in Beta 18.

There’s an alternative to this, which is to adjust either or both the “Default editor width” and/or “Editor Margins” in File->Options->Appearance->Main Editor.

The editor width setting essentially narrows the virtual scroll of paper you’re writing on, leaving a slightly different colored gutter around the editor if your window is wider than the default editor width.

The editor margins setting adjusts the space from the edges of the “paper” where the text starts and ends. This doesn’t set a margin the way you’ve been doing it, so it won’t affect the snapshots, and that’s probably why nobody has noticed this issue, and may be why they can’t reproduce it; they don’t set the margins on the ruler in the editor.

Thanks for your input rdale. I do understand the Editor Margins in Options, as I use them in V1.9.9.0. As I mentioned, I like some space between the edge of the “paper” and where text starts and ends. For that I adjust Editor Margins. When I adjust Editor Margins, it sets them properly on the editor, but it also affects the Snapshots.

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by “doesn’t set a margin the way I’ve been doing it.” Options sets Editor Margins. Margins in text are set by the ruler. Setting Default Editor Width at 900 and Editor Margins at 100 leaves a grey space on both sides of the “paper” and places a white space around (all 4 sides) the text of 100 points. This white space also affects ALL Snapshot displays and Options->Editing->Formatting. On the other hand, if I set a Text Margin using the ruler, it is reflected in the Snapshot display for that document–as expected.

It would appear, then, that Snapshot is pulling the Editor Margins when it should not. Options->Editing->Formatting is doing the same. Now, it should be noted that I have Zoom set at 150% to make it easier on my eyes, but Zoom should not be affecting anything but the Editor text, as the other fonts respect the various Options settings.

Since this is happening on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, I’m assuming it’s not Windows version specific. Since this phenomenon is only present in V3 Beta and NOT in V1.9.9.0 I’m assuming this is a bug in V3.

Sorry to report that Snapshot margins are still mimicking main editor margins in Beta 20. Don’t see this listed as a bug, but it should be.

The main editor settings seem to affect all of the inspector editor windows - at least it is really noticeable in snapshots and notes. For instance, if you set a text-indent in the main editor settings, that indent is also present in notes (not necessarily what you might want). Margin gutters (what we are talking about here) are also present in the snapshots and notes. I use much smaller gutters, so it is less distracting for the inspector screens affected. I’d prefer to keep the notes and snapshots at a fixed width and without indents and the like. Only way to currently do that is to make the main editor window that way.

It doesn’t look like L&L considers this a bug, since it hasn’t been assigned a bug number. I checked it out in RC1 and, sadly, it’s still doing it. Not a big deal, just an annoyance when trying to read through a snapshot.

I have just noticed that in Beta 26, besides the borders around the Snapshot pane being tied to the Main Editor border setting, the contents of the Snapshot pane also takes on the default Zoom factor set in Options. I have changed to Options to use different Zoom levels, and these are reflected in Snapshots when I restart Scrivener. This is a new behaviour in Beta 26. Since I typically use 30 to 50 pixel borders around the Main Editor, and set my default Zoom to 150%, this translates into very long Snapshot panes with only two or three words per line, making them far less useful.

I noticed another new little quirk as well. If I do a Compare between a Snapshot and what is in the Editor, The original paragraph formatting is lost. If I click on another Snapshot, then back to the original, the formatting returns.

I understand this is not a major issue, as the functionality is still there, but it would be nice if the developers would flag this either as intended behaviour, or as a bug to be fixed sometime.