Snapshot title

Is there a way to tell the snapshot command to automatically set the document title as the snapshot title?
It’s a little bit boring to type a (the) name manually. Every time I hit the command, I would like Scrivener to to this on it’s own and not make me think about it.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for help!

Just hit cmd-5 to create an untitled snapshot without being prompted to enter a snapshot title. There is little point giving the snapshot title the title of the document, as it would be meaningless - you can only view snapshots pertaining to one document at a time anyway, so it’s always obvious to which document the snapshots pertain. So if you aren’t bothered about meaningful snapshot titles, just create untitled ones.
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I’ve already seen this, but it makes me feel like loosing control…, but I see, this is the way I gotta go.

Thanks for your reply.

Snapshots didn’t even used to have titles at all, but just dates - so the title is purely optional. You’re not losing control, because the dates are there. Or, you might be losing control, but it’s nothing to do with the snapshots. :slight_smile: