Firstly, I LOVE this product! I was just introduced to it this week and it is pure genius! Cheers to the developer!

The only thing not “seemingly” working for me is the “Take Snapshot of Selection”. My interpretation of this function is that if I highlight some text, it should only copy that bit. It is copying the entire chapter (or text page) regardless of which of the first three Snapshot options I use.

Can anyone answer? And if it is supposed to do that - mine is not.

I have a MacBook Pro laptop and just upgraded to Leopard if that helps at all.


“Selection” refers to the document(s) selected in the Binder, not text selected in a document. There isn’t a way to snapshot a selection of text within a document, just whole documents. If you really want only a certain part of a document shapshot (is that a word?), you can always just paste that text into a new document and keep its somewhere else in your Binder.

Khadrelt hit the nail on the head. You are at least the second user to have been confused by this, and I can see why. I will rename the menu item to “Take Snapshots of Selected Documents” for the next free update, which I think should make the feature’s purpose more clear.

Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener!

All the best,

Wow…that is some quick feedback! Thanks to Khadreit and Keith for their clarification. I will definitely be purchasing this app - excellent product, user community and tech support. Thanks again!