Snapshots all the same

In one of my manuscript projects, every single snapshot for every single one of my scenes is showing only as the most recent.

So while I might have a list of 20 snapshots for a given scene, all on different dates, the actual text of each snapshot shows only the most recent snapshot I’ve taken.

I checked another manuscript and luckily it hasn’t done that for this.

This is a bit of a serious mess for me. :frowning:

When I hover over the various snapshots, they all show the same date (today, at 4:00 PM GMT, which incidentally is not when I opened the project, as that was this morning), and the same amount of words and characters as the one they’re showing the text of.

Anyone else had this problem? I’ve closed down and restarted but that hasn’t helped.

I haven’t done any system updates or tinkered with times or anything on my computer. Last update was (unfortunately) to Sierra, which obviously is causing a whole world of other problems.

Not sure what caused this issue with Snapshots, but if they are important to you, you may want to revert to your most recent Scrivener backup.

Scrivener or the computer?

I’ve restarted Scrivener and my computer. Neither has helped, unfortunately.

I could try a backup, but the amount of changes I’ve made to the project in just one day is rather enormous, so I’d have to go back and make all those changes again. And yes, I admit, I do rely on snapshots during editing.

I’ve had problems with snapshots in the past that I’ve posted about before, only to do with the dates, however (where the dates of snapshots occasionally all turn into today’s date, regardless of when the snapshot was taken. That wasn’t too bad in retrospect because the actual text remained as it was, and they stayed in chronological order. This problem’s taking things to a whole new level!).

One thing you may want to do though is copy the latest backup (one that has the snapshots) from the backup folder to some other location.

Depending on how your backup preferences are set, Scrivener may only be retaining a fixed number of backups, so this last “good” backup may eventually be deleted. Unless you have some other backup mechanism in place, when that Scrivener backup with the snapshots is gone, you will be out of luck.

You may want to have a look at Appendix F of the manual, which explains where snapshots are kept. You may find that useful.

Unfortunately, the older backups, before this bug began, are of no help.

I’ve opened several from when I know this was not an issue, and upon opening the backups, the snapshots all immediately revert to the date that backup was saved, and every single snapshot shows the same text – the most recent text for that backup. If that makes sense.

Eg, I opened a backup from 23 March. Upon opening and going to my query letter file in the project, the last snapshot, taken on 23 March, and the text of that snapshot, is what shows for all of the 20+ snapshots there.

This is a REALLY strange issue. Like I said, I’ve had problems with snapshots for awhile, but it was only ever to do with the date/time it listed, never with the actual text.

I just did the Scrivener for Mac update but this hasn’t solved my problems. I’m really at a loss!!

Would it be possible to send us a copy (our support address) of one of the backups, prior to opening it and causing the bug to manifest, so that we can take a look at its structure before and after opening it?

Sure, I can do that. I’ll send it shortly.