Snapshots and Notes

Am I correct in thinking that when we take a snapshot of a text file, the notes associated with that file aren’t snapshotted with it?

So if I do a version of a scene and use the Notes panel to make notes on what happens in it, then I create a snapshot to write a new version of this scene, the Notes content remains the same regardless of what snapshot version I am looking at and I’m not able to ensure that the notes I see are relevant to the snapshot of the text file?

Correct. This is among a myriad of reasons I don’t use snapshots. Instead, you can simply duplicate the file or folder (scene or chapter). That preserves every part of the original.

Yeah to be honest I’m thinking that this is the approach I’m going to take more often now, to create a copy and label it then ensure it’s excluded from any exports as I could do this for individual text (to preserve notes and other metadata associated with the note at that point) but also for collections of notes such as scene folders.