Snapshots disappearing


I seem to have a problem with my software: When I take snapshots they don’t save from one session to the next. If I use the “show snapshots” option, none appear unless I took them in that specific session.

Any ideas?

Just to get the obvious out of the way: snapshots are per document in the Binder. You have to click on the same thing you created the snapshot for, to see the list of them in the Inspector. A useful visual hint is a little dog-ear fold in the corner of the icon in the Binder. If you see any files with dog-ears, click on them, do you have snapshots? Sorry if you already knew that, but some expect snapshots to copy the entire Draft and to be universal, but that’s not their design.

So if that’s not the problem, I would take a look at the disk and see if they are truly getting lost. When you create a snapshot, the software will create a Snapshots sub-folder in the main project folder if necessary, and then a sub-folder within that for the item you took a snapshot of. The sub-folder itself will just be a number, so try it on something you do not have a snapshot for. Do you see a numbered folder appear in the Snapshots sub-folder? Drill into that, do you see a couple of files here? Take another snapshot of that same document, another file should appear. Now close the software while keeping that Explorer window open. Do they vanish? Double-click on the project.scrivx file in the main project folder, are they still on the disk? Does the document you tested with have snapshots in the Inspector?

OK. That was the issue (I can’t call it a problem). Thank you very much for your help.