Snapshots Feature

I think everybody probably agrees that the snapshots feature is a pretty nice thing to have. But I wonder if it could be more useful. It’s nice to have a way to save previous versions of a particular document, but having them only visible scrunched in the narrow inspector isn’t super helpful.

What I’d really like, and maybe this belongs more in the wish list forum, is a way to view my snapshot while I’m rewriting the document. A lot of times I want to rewrite a chapter more-or-less from scratch, but still have the original version in front of me so I don’t leave out something important that I had in the previous draft.

I can do this now by making a new document and using the split screen feature, but it seems to kind of defeat the point. If I could take a snapshot, split the screen, and then work on the new version while the snapshot stays in the other view, that would be ideal.

You can drag the snapshot from the list in the inspector to the Editor header and then view the snapshot there, as you want. If you hold the option key while you drag, it will load in the Editor with the “compare” feature enabled.

Oh that’s perfect, thanks! I guess I should have read the manual more thoroughly.

Is this on the cards for the Windows version ? I certainly would like to see the working text side-by-side with snapshot …

Yes, all Mac features are on the cards for the Windows version, although this one will be further down the line, not for release, as it’s a 2.0 feature.