Snapshots?? Having trouble.

I’ve read a number of posts that seem to indicate some bugs in Snapshot so I’m not sure if my problem is a bug or just me getting something wrong.

Here are the various problems:

  1. It never seems able to take a snapshot of ‘all text documents’. The snapshot that comes out usually is my first document only.

  2. It never seems able to snapshot ‘all selected document’. Ditto what happens as above. (even though I have multiple docs selected.)

  3. When I choose ‘take snapshot with title’ - it seems to do that, but then when I click away and click back all my docs are labelled ‘untitled’

  4. Now I may be going nuts (which could be true anyway!), but when I click back into snapshots a whole bunch of different things are in there. For instance - all the snapshots this morning had the content of ‘chapter 2’ in them for some reason I can’t explain. I tried to get a snapshot of something else. I named it. Then when I went back to confirm it was there – all the snapshots were now ‘untitled’ and they were all the content of ‘chapter 1’.

I’ve been sidestepping Snapshots by just exporting the files - but I’d love to use it if I can figure it out. Any advice?
Thanks, Jennifer

I cannot replicate any of these, and I’ve never had any strangeness happen with snapshots, myself. Have you noticed this behaviour in all of your projects, or is it just happening with one project?

Here is something you can try. Snapshots are stored inside of the Scrivener project in a special folder called ‘snapshots’. Create a back-up copy of your project without the zip function, and then using the Finder, show package contents and delete the snapshots folder. This won’t harm the project, and besides we are working with a copy anyway. This will give us a clean slate to test with. Now open the project in Scrivener while leaving the Finder window open, and create a single snapshot of any document. In the Finder, you should see the snapshot folder get created. Double-click on that to open it, and you’ll see a file with a number for a name (this is linked to the associated numbered RTFD in the project). When you create multiple snapshots for a single file, they get placed into the same numbered file, so there should always only ever be one numbered file for each document in Scrivener.

Now try to replicate some of the bugs you have witnessed. Select several new documents in Scrivener and try Snapshot Selected. Do you see the corresponding number of documents get generated in the Finder? Ditto for snapshot all text files—you should see a great quantity of snapshots getting generated.

You lost me at the ‘Finder, show package contents’ part. Which Finder do you mean?? I couldn’t anything about package contents??

The Finder is Apple’s name for the computer’s ability to show files and folders. When you click on the Desktop, you can press Cmd-N to create a new Finder window. Your project is probably located in Documents. When you find it, press Cmd-D to make a copy of it (make sure the project is closed in Scrivener, first). Now you can right-click and the “Show Package Contents” option should be available.

Okay—yes. I did all that and yes, many snapshot files were created in the finder. It seems like one of the things I was doing wrong is that when I ‘viewed’ snapshots, I hadn’t ‘selected’ the specific document…I thought it simply showed you ALL the snapshots of everything. It doesn’t. It shows you THAT chapter’s snapshot? Yes?

Let me know if I have this correctly - viewing snapshots is a ‘per chapter’ thing. So for instance, if I take a snapshot of the whole project, I can only see it if I select a specific chapter (to get THAT chapter’s snapshot).
This makes sense to me now. Duh.

Also - it does not let me title my snapshot if I want to snapshot ‘All Text’ or ‘Selected Documents’ - only if I snapshot on chapter - correct? I simply get something called ‘untitled’ in the snapshots view.

thanks again for the step by step.

Ah ha! Yes, that would explain what you are seeing. The Snapshot Viewer works only on the currently selected element in the Binder (just to be clear, since ‘chapter’ for some people can mean a folder with a group of documents, if you select the folder and it has text in it, then only the folder will be displayed, not all of the sub-documents that make up the chapter).

You can verify that documents have a snapshot by looking at the little icon of a page in the Binder, and looking for a page curl in the corner. Since you’ve run “snapshot all” they’ll probably all look like this. Create a new empty document to see what an ordinary icon looks like.

So yes, even when you snapshot all, the viewer will only show the selected document. Snapshots are very much a per Binder element thing, not a project level feature. There is no mechanism for viewing them all at once.

You are also correct in that using the selected and all snapshot functions does not have a titling method. That is only available when single documents are selected.

So hopefully, it sounds like everything you are experiencing is within the realm of intended behaviour, rather than being bugs.

Yes. Thanks much. ‘Human bug’ is nearly always the problem! At least where my brain’s concerned.

You’re welcome! And, without our “bugs”, we’d all write boring books. :slight_smile: