Snapshots in Scrivener doc not working...

When I try to take a snapshot of a document the application stops responding. Latest Mac OS and Scrivener versions (all up to date) on iMac.

Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to rebuild the doc?


It seems to do the same thing on a new document as well. Is there a way to reset this functionality? Or should I deinstall and reinstall the app?

Further update… this feature is definitely broken (which is odd because it was working yesterday). I have uninstalled the application (removing ALL associated files within the library) and reinstalled using the latest installer from the L&L website. The same feature is broken. When clicked the application becomes unresponsive (have left it for more than 1/2 hour) and have to end up force quitting the app.

Is anyone else experiencing any functionality issues along these lines?


Obvious question: have you restarted your Mac?
I occasionally get all sorts of weird behaviour in OS X and it is surprising how often a restart fixes it. Failing that, try manually repairing permissions (although usually a restart will correct permissions anyway). Failing that, email support in case it is application specific.

The restart seems to have sorted it out. I thought I’d tried that as I did the installs and fixes I was attempting but perhaps not. Thanks for the input. Sometimes you really can’t see the forest for the trees!


My guess is that something got jammed up in the sound system. There is a sound file that plays when you take a snapshot, and we’ve seen issues in the past with that if there is something else on the system that isn’t playing nice with the underlying audio frameworks in the Mac.