Snapshots malfunction between versions

I already wrote about this problem here, but now that Scrivener 3.0 is out and the problem isn’t fixed (for which I was hoping), I guess it bears repeating. Namely, Scrivener 3.0 can’t process snapshots created in old Scrivener versions (1.9 in my case) after project conversion – it only lists them. Meaning, even though the snapshots are still present in the folders inside the project as .rtf files, and even though I can see them listed in the upper part of the relevant Inspector tab, I can’t preview them in the bottom part of the Snapshots tab, or open them in the Copyholder or elsewhere. Is this some kind of a bug you’re planning to fix? Has anyone experienced anything similar after converting a Scrivener 1.9 project to Scrivener 3.0? Is there an automatic solution and I’m missing something? Refreshing the snapshots manually would take me a lot of time and effort and, moreover, wouldn’t save the original dates. And, needless to add, I can’t afford to lose any of the snapshots… Any help?