Snapshots: mark duplicates

Using folder sync can result in a lot of duplicate snapshots piling up and bloating up the project folder. (No, I will not disable the option to automatically make snapshots. The folder sync has eaten my writing a few times.)

Since Scrivener doesn’t really like outside programs messing with them (it results in blank phantom snapshots that can’t be deleted) a third-party duplicate detector doesn’t work so well and the only other option is to go through snapshot manager comparing them one by one. Not fun, that. An option to search the snapshot manager and mark duplicates for deletion would be useful.

Forum migration ate the rest of the posts, so clarification for future readers:

I use external folder sync (not cloud sync) for writing with a third-party program. Rarely the last-modified date of the Scriv document ends up being newer than my working document so whatever I’ve written since previous folder sync gets eaten. I just revert to the external snapshot when this happens.

Recently I ran the “convert to default formatting” option several times while trying to pick a font. Ended up with a lot of snapshots that were identical in content but still had new snapshots made as they’d been modified.

A snapshot cleanup tool would be nice, so +1 — though I’m sure a Ruby/Python script could be made to do the same thing safely (though L&L don’t sanction tools that modify project bundle contents directly)…