Snapshots missing in Scrivener but exist in project folder

I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere; I’ve been trying for days to search the forums, but only get two or three pages into the search results before it continuously tells me I cannot search right now and to try again in 6 seconds.

I’m new to the beta and was very excited about the new snapshot comparison feature. Unfortunately, some of my documents’ snapshots are missing. Their titles and dates show up in the snapshots list, but nothing loads into the preview window when I click on them. I have confirmed that they exist in the project folder, so they’re not totally gone, they’re just not being picked up by Scrivener. This is only happening with some documents, not all. There doesn’t seem to be a particular date range that’s affected; one document has snapshots ranging between November 2018 and January 2020 and none of them are showing up, while other documents’ snapshots in the same range are fine.

Any ideas?