Snapshots Missing (v2.6) --- SOLVED ---

Hi. In one of my documents all the attached snapshots (14 of 14) have gone away. I went into the Scrivener project via “show package contents” and found them all still in the snapshots folder, so that’s great. But wondering why they are missing from the snapshots pane, and how I might restore them.

Yesterday I updated to 2.6. Could it have happened then?


My guess would be that maybe there is something wrong with the XML file that describes the snapshots, or maybe it is some kind of display bug. Would it be possible to send a sample in to our support address? If you want. I recommend using Save As to create a working copy that you can clean up, strip everything out that isn’t necessary (leaving just the one item with the 14 snapshots is fine), empty the trash, close and reload to make sure the problem persists, and then zip it up and send it in ATTN: Ioa.

What OS version are you on, by the way?

Pardon, forgot to mention OS Yosemite 10.10.

I’ll do as you suggest and forward it to Support.

Thanks Amber.


Just when I think I’m not that guy, I do lame things that only he does.

I basically cut text from the original file and pasted it to another, then moved the original file left a slot in the binder so it would be a sort of folder, and since it was at that point without text I soon forgot that it had been the original document.

And that all the snapshots were still there. And never went anywhere.

Thanks Amber, and Ioa.

You’re welcome, although we are one and the same. :wink:

Yep. That guy…

Never mind him. He just does that to confuse people. :wink: