Snapshots: No Button [ADDRESSED]

In the tutorial, it talks about there being a button to use when taking snapshots in the footer bar of the inspector. No such button exists in the footer bar. I checked and confirmed that I’m NOT in scriptwriting mode. This is in both the tutorial and in my own blank project I have open and waiting for when I finish the tutorial.

I uploaded a screenshot of what I’m seeing. If anyone else can see the snapshot and I’m just being blind, please let me know. It is here: … apshot.jpg

Also, when I took the snapshot in the tutorial (was able to do it with Ctrl+D and heard the noise), when I went looking for it and the preloaded one, all I saw was the one I’d taken.

It’s the last button on the bottom right in the inspector. I have added pop-up text when hovering over buttons now to better identify.