Snapshots not saving

I have the option “save snapshot on manual save” checked, but it never does. I’ve used ‘save’ from the menu and ctrl-s. But neither triggers a snapshot. Did I miss a step?

Two things.

  1. Will only save changes when option clicked.
  2. When take snapshot normally, will not see the snapshot to leave file/folder for another file and come back then snapshot you just took will appear. May happen here too. Trying leaving the file and come back.

It also won’t take a snapshot if no document has changed since your last manual save.

P.S. It is best to check this option to go with it :

I get this too. Sometimes the snapshot shows up in the list right away, sometime it doesn’t. Some bug. But the above notification is trustworthy.

Thanks guys. It just worked. I think it might have been that ‘no document had changed’. I typed something, manually saved, and it appeared. I was purposely trying to take a snapshot before I changed anything so that the original would be safe. I see I need to manually take a snapshot when I want that.

I achieve what you are doing by setting in Scrivener to “Backup on Project Open” and “Backup on Project Close”, and I set it to keep 25 most recent backups. Avoids having to do any manual saves.

Thank you, but I do backup. I don’t mind manually saving, nor manually making a snapshot for unchanged text. I just needed to know the correct behavior. Now that I do, I’m good to go.