Snapshots - Not there?

Hi everyone.

I’ve been using the Windows Beta for a while, and most recently the special NaNoWriMo’11 version. I’m planning to buy a full licence in the next few days.

My problem is this. When I take a snapshot and I close the program, and then I open it again, it’s not there. I have no idea where they go, or what’s happened. I would like to use snapshots, because I tend to make a lot of little changes over an extended period and I think it would be a great feature to utilize.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

Is it possible you’re not setting the focus on the document where you took your snapshots? If the inspector doesn’t show the title and synopsis for that document, it’s snapshot won’t show up either. And just to make it clear if it’s not for you or another reader, snapshots are created & viewed on a document-level basis, not project-wide (nor even folder/container-wide).

Sorry if you already knew all that, but I’ve seen a number of people get confused on this point.

Hmm, no, I wasn’t already familiar with that.

I just tried it on a specific document, closed Scrivener and opened it again and the snapshot was still there. :blush: I feel rather embarrassed for not realizing it, but thanks for telling me. And I guess I was just confused on the point. I thought the snapshot was of the whole project, not specific documents. I’ll do my best to remember that anytime I go through and change a bunch of things.

Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate it.

It is possible to take snapshots of multiple documents simultaneously, by selecting a bunch of items in the binder and then using Documents > Snapshots. They’re still individual to each document, but it’s a fast way to update a bunch of documents–for instance, if you’re about to dive into a huge round of editing on your draft, you might want to select everything in the draft and take a snapshot of it all at once so that you have a pre-edited version of everything and don’t have to worry about remembering to take a snapshot before you make changes each time you switch to a new document.

To save a milestone version of your entire project, use the File > Back Up command. With 1.0, Scrivener will even make automatic backups for you every time you close, saving the most recent five copies (you can change all these settings in Tools > Options… in the “Backup” tab), so you’ll have some failsafe copies, but even then it’s a good idea to run a manual Back Up To… from the File menu to make a separate backup of the project that you can name something specific (GreatNovelOriginalDraft or such) and then have to go back to for comparisons, recovery, nostalgia, or hilarity in future years. :slight_smile: