Snapshots of Research text

I am new to Scrivener, working on a trial.

Question: Can I take a snapshot of a paragraph or two in Research?

I have several versions of two paragraphs in the essay. I put some of these versions into Research.

The program seems to be able to make a snapshot from Research, but the snapshots don’t show up anywhere.

You can take a snapshot of any text file.

To see them, click the ‘camera’ icon in the Inspector, or bring up the Snapshot Manager from the Documents → Snapshots window.

I guess that is my problem. I cannot see these research snapshots via either of the two ways you mention.

Hi. The “inspector” menu is activated when you click on the icon with an information sign, in the upper right corner.

Steps I have taken:
Highlight the research box of text. Go to Documents/snapshots/take snapshot.
I get a black box with white text saying: Snapshot was Taken. A Shanpshot was taken of [name]

But the snapshot does not show up in the snapshots windo, or anywhere else that I can see.

Yes, “inspector” is open when I perform this procedure.

Do you see the name of the snapshot in the top half?
If so, click on it.

Hi. This way, you are backing up the selected file (text or folder) only, keep in mind that each snapshot corresponds to only one item. You can’t select a paragraph and just save that paragraph.
Scrivener’s virtue lies in structuring information. You must organize your text so that these paragraphs are in their own document (with snapshots) or in different documents grouped or linked to another superior one.

Yes. I see “Snapshots” as text in the upper left hand corner of the inspector panel.

It is not an active link. Just text. Nothing happens when I click on it. Underneath is “Compare” and that has some choices for that function.

I am trying to get a snapshot of an entire document in Research.

That view allows you to compare what you have saved as a snapshot to revert changes if you deem it appropriate in the future. It doesn’t work as a reference. That’s what the “bookmarks” tab is for.


Yes. I get that exact screen when I make a snapshot of a document in Draft section. But not when I am in Research

Try restarting Scrivener.

OK. I will try restarting.

The “research” folder is special. It doesn’t support that feature, but you can take a snapshot of every item inside that folder. Note that taking a snapshot of a folder doesn’t back up all the contents below it. Each element works as one, no matter which ones are below it.


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Yeah, you can’t take a snapshot of a folder per se. Only of the content of the editor. And the research folder doesn’t have editor’s content.

I closed and reopened Scrivener and the problem still exists.

Adrlopgal, I am trying to take a snapshot of an item inside the Research folder. I can go through the entire process, through the message that a Snapshot has been taken, but the snapshot does not show up in the inspector panel.

I’m not sure what you mean about research folder not supporting snapshots. I am only trying to snapshot an item inside the folder. I am snapshotting the entire amount of text in the research note.

I’m not sure I understand. Research is a folder. I am not trying to snapshot the entire folder.
Inside research are notes, little squares with text in them. I am trying to snapshot one entire little square. I apologize for not knowing the exact terminology.

So I am guessing you are saying nothing contained in the research folder can be snapshotted.

Go back to the document you want to snapshot and take a snapshot using the +