Snapshots stopped working.

My snapshots don’t seem to be taking. I made a rather large edit, but no snapshot on manual save (I checked the setting, and it was indeed on). I unfortunately got well into my edit before I realized this. It seems this has been going on for awhile, so I have already missed out on snapshots I needed. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Unfortunately I do not know how it is broken, so I can’t explain how to fix it. In my testing this works without any issues:

  1. Create a new blank project.
  2. Type in the word “test” into the starter file.
  3. Save with ⌘S.

The icon indicates a snapshot, and verifying that in the inspector shows we indeed have the current state of the document backed up.

  1. Hit ⌘N twice to create two new documents.
  2. In the third document repeat the second two test steps.

The newly edited third document has a snapshot; the second does not, it contains no modifications and is empty. The first was not modified, it is left alone.

  1. Click back on the first document and add the word “this” to it.
  2. Click on the second document and type in a word.
  3. ⌘S to save again.

The first document now has two snapshots, recording both states the file was found to be in, during this session. The second and third documents have one snapshot each. The third document was not edited in the second test, so no snapshot was created.

Can you describe an alteration to these instructions that make them fail, or another path entirely that I’d need to follow?

I’m having the same problem. It doesn’t matter if I just hit the snapshot icon, the titled snapshot icon or do it from the menu. And when I do a word search in windows to look for the titled snapshot, nothing is found with that name.

Uh… @smedleygoodfellow and @forgottengold, each of your profiles say Windows, but this thread is in the Mac forum. No worries if it’s intended, but just to confirm—is it Mac Scrivener or Windows Scrivener that y’all are asking about?

I had the same problem but figured out what was wrong. I’m working on a Mac, so it may differ from a PC, but the reason mine didn’t work was because I didn’t have the camera icon chosen. It’s on the upper right of my screen and in a line with icons for notes, bookmarks, metadata, snapshots (the camera), and comments. Hope this help you if you haven’t already figured it out!