Snapshots to display more than date and title?

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Just a little wish that has been lurking in my head for quite some time now :

I believe it would be a nice improvement for people who —like me— take a lot of snapshots if the said snapshots could also save and display (columns, like in the outliner view) label and status.
So this way we could better aim at a specific snapshot or range, being able to track the evolution of the document out of this metadata.

(Displaying the label might seem like overkill, but that’s actually how I color code my progress, getting a visual feedback of the overall status of a project via the binder.)

Thank you.


[EDIT] As you can see, most if not all of my snapshots are untitled automatic snapshots linked to manual saves. So this could also work if it was made possible to establish a naming scheme for such in the options (instead of dedicated columns). Title for auto-snapshot : <$Label> for eg.
(But I still think columns would be best so that it is useful to a maximal count of users.)

The Status is already provided (read in) in backets.
I even have a default blank listing for status that renders as Untitled Snapshot.


Ok. I see.
But it only does so for “deliberate” document specific snapshots.

It doesn’t register anything for snapshots triggered by changed doc + manual save.
(And I don’t really use the status field, either…)

The main problem is that nothing is recorded for a snapshot’s metadata other than what you can see in the Snapshots’ subfolders XML file:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Styles in use by the text.

So we’d have to make minor changes the specification to support that, and do a fair bit of retrograde updating that wouldn’t be straight-forward at first glance. It’s not just a matter of adding the columns, in other words. Plus if we did that, it would no longer make sense to add the status in parentheses, which lead to further weirdness when loading older projects that have a mix of new and old snapshots. It might be a better idea for a larger overhaul, where this kind off retrograde fixing can be more cleanly done in a formal project upgrade procedure so that all snapshots present the same.

I don’t mind the idea though, but I do wonder if maybe some other kind of treatment would be better ultimately, something more embedded in the cell than a spreadsheet layout, given how small this area is. Making the inspector wider isn’t a good answer, at least in my opinion. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to make the UI design fit itself, if that makes sense. We’re already on thin ice with only these two columns.

So I’m thinking something more like a simple label rectangle in front off the title with a tooltip, and maybe combining the date and optional status (if it is not set to “none”) as fine print on a second line, grey text or something. I think overall that would present nicer and have the side effect benefit of making longer titles easier to read, as well as not often having most of the date chopped off.

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Sounds good.
Just a color rectangle + mouse-over tooltip would certainly do.

The idea simply being to have at a glance a cue of what snapshots can be grouped per step / draft.
Where what begins and ends.

Something more or less like this ? (Lousy Microsoft Paint quick graphic design.)


(Anything giving a visual of where the 1st draft ended and the 2nd started, for e.g., would do great. – I could even in my case use the status field just for that (tag my snapshots – I’d clone my labels’ list, change both Label and Status whenever I change one – not optimal but functional) if it was made so that it works for snapshots triggered by manual saves as well. Right now : it goes “Untitled (Save)”, the “(Save)” part being close to completely useless info anyways, imo. – Who cares how the snapshot got triggered ?)