Snapshots window

How do I get rid of it?

Tried clicking Documents -> Snapshots.
Tried clicking Documents -> Snapshots -> Show Snapshots…

Neither does anything.

Hmm, after more random prodding about I appear to have changed the Snapshots window into the Inspector window and from there have managed to get rid of it by clicking View -> Layout -> Inspector.

Which leads me to the following supplementary questions.

  1. What did I do?
  2. Was this really how I was meant to kill the window? It isn’t remotely intuitive if so.

Hello there,
The blue circle with the little i top right of screen controls the inspector window. The small icons at the bottom of the window control what is shown, ie the snapshot window, synopsis, keywords and other meta data ect.

Were you once a user of Scrivener for the Mac, a long time ago? There hasn’t been an actual snapshots window in years. It was phased out when 2.0 for Mac was released, and the Windows version was built to follow the newer design (maybe for a brief time it had a window, in early beta, but I don’t think so), using the Inspector to work with snapshots. The menu command to show snapshots is just a shortcut to open the Inspector and switch to that particular pane within it.

Note you can also toggle the Inspector with Ctrl-Shift-I as well as the default toolbar button.