Snapshots won't work for me


I’m not sure where this post belongs to. Technical support or Bug Hunt. If I’m wrong, you may move this post to the right place.

The Problem:

My Scrivener document is full with single textfiles. Just the way, you work with Scrivener. I wanted to make a snapshot of my work an used the pull down menu for it. I choosed “Take snapshot of all”. The only textfile that now appears to have a snapshot, was the on I worked with. All the others weren’t there.

My next attempt was to click on “Manuscript”, because Scrivener then marks all textfiles in that place. And so I used the “Take snapshot of all” again. But now it only shows the first page, the cover page.

Did I something wrong? Maybe. I’ve misunderstood the function, but I think it goes the way OmniWeb goes?

Thanks for help to everyone!


Ah, forgotten: iMac G4 800 Mhz OSX.4.9

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After you’ve taken a snapshot of all, you should see the icons of all the documents in the binder look slightly different. Do they have a turned-down corner? If so, they have a snapshot associated with them, which means the snapshot taking worked.

To view your snapshots, go to Snapshots > Show Snapshots. This will only work if the icon of the document has its corner turned down. When you click on another document in the binder, the snapshots panel will not change. You will need to select Snapshots > Show Snapshots again to show the snapshot of that document. Perhaps that is where your problem lay? Perhaps you expected the snapshots panel to update when you click on a document in the binder? The reason it does not is that not all documents have snapshots associated with them.

Hope that helps.
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Ah, allright! I knew, I was wrong… :wink:

I didn’t understood the function at my first attempt. Now it’s clear. I expected to find a single snapshot for every textfile. But now, the way you’ve implemented it, is quite better!

I can only see the snapshot of the document I work with in the very moment. Ok, that’s what I’ve missed…

Thanks for your help!

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Sometimes instead of taking a Snapshot of everything, your purpose might be better served with File>Backup Project.

Depends on your purpose, of course. If you are just trying to save the state of the project before moving on, you should probably do a Backup. (Since you were expecting a single snapshot of everything, probably Backup is what you wanted.) However, if you have some reasonable expectation that you may want to do some substantial selective reverting of individual documents (but don’t know in advance which), then a snapshot of all might be called for.


Yes, you’re fully right. I use the backup function to spread the document on my notebook. Most time I write on the iMac, but from time to time, even when the weather is right, I will write outdoors.

And, due to my chaos while writing, snapshots are a lifesaver… :wink:

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