I think i understand the way that snapshots feature works, but I am wondering why it is not possible to snapshot a whole project? This seems like it would be an easy way to keep the first draft before a rewrite.

The other thing I’m curious about is there any way to display the snapshot in the other editor? I think that would work better than having the snapshots displayed in the inspector…


There is a way, it just isn’t called Snapshot. The File/Back Up/Back Up To... command will create a complete duplicate of your project in the specified location so you can go back to it at any time.

If all you want to do is backup the text of your Draft, however, you can select the Draft folder in the Binder and press Cmd-D to duplicate it. Call it something useful and set it aside in the Binder.

If you really do want to use the Snapshot feature though, you can select multiple items at once and Snapshot them all together with the same keystroke.

Yes, that is quite useful! To view a Snapshot in the editor, just drag and drop it from the Inspector list in to the header bar of the split you wish to view it in. Note that if you hold down the Option key, it will enable comparison mode between the Snapshot and the current text state.

Ah Ha! I would have never thought of dragging a snapshot into the other editor and having it display there…

Now I can begin my rewrite in confidence that I can get the original back.