HI there - my snapshots seem to have disappeared - all of them. The view snapshots option is greyed out - any thoughts. I am probably being an idiot and missing something obvious. Running Scrivener on an Intel macbook in Leopard if that helps.

I have personally never seen this happen before! Something you can check: Try locating the Scrivener project file in the Finder, then right-click on it and select “Show Package Contents.” Be careful while you are in here, we are just looking for something though. Scroll down and look for a folder called “Snapshots.” Open that. Do you see anything in there? Do you even have a Snapshots folder to begin with?

If it is present, and full of files, then your snapshots still exist, but for some reason are not getting hooked up with the Binder correctly. I couldn’t tell you why that is happening. If that folder is missing or empty, then somehow they got destroyed or lost.

It might be that the file got moved while it was open, or something along those lines? I’ve never heard of Snapshots disappearing because of that—though other problems can occur when that happens.

Just a thought, but I know this has caught a couple of people out before; are you sure that you have the appropriate document highlighted in the Binder?

That is to say, the “Show snapshots” item will only be enabled in the menu if the Binder is currently focused on a document that has Snapshots. You can’t just show all snapshots for the entire project, it has to be done on a document-by-document basis.