I’m new to Scrivener (Windows, - 14 Nov 2019, on a German OS, so with German language menus) and I just tried to use the snapshot functionality. I can click on create snapshot (with or without name) and hear that camera clicking sound, but when I click on show snapshot I get an empty list.

What I’m missing?

What do I have to do to create a snapshot, and actually list or recreate them?



The snapshots should be listed under the Snapshots icon in the Inspector, which is where Show Snapshots should take you. Can you try creating a snapshot in a different project to see if that works?

I probably misused it. It works on a scene level, but not on the chapter level (even though that feature is enabled and I get the camera sound when I use it).

There is really no way to create snapshot on a broader level? Manuscript-level would be cool, but at least chapter?

The trouble is that a folder can contain text itself, as well as containing documents, so the snapshot feature needs to work for them in a similar way to text documents.

I agree that some kind of global snapshot feature would be nice, but it’s not possible at the moment.

There should be something in the program settings that lets you use the manual save ( “File->Save” or CTRL-s") to trigger snapshots for all documents that were changed since the last snapshot was created. Unless that’s a version 3 feature.