Snip out double "return" between paragraphs with compiler?


I have been leaving a newline between paragraphs, because I find my text easier to write and edit like this. However, numerous sources say that in standard manuscript format, “Lines should be double spaced with no extra spaces between paragraphs.”

When I compile to “Manuscript” format, I have extra spaces between my paragraphs and it does indeed look wrong.

Is there any way to manipulate the compiler settings to snip out those extra spaces between paragraphs, so I can view and edit the text with extra spaces, but compile without them? If there isn’t, I’ll just get used to editing without the extra spaces between paragraphs, I guess I’ll be able to fit more text on the screen that way anyway.



In project replacements (in the compile menu), add a replacement that instructs Scrivener to replace two paragraph returns (assuming that is what you have used to create the additional lines) with one.

To type paragraph returns in the replacement boxes, press ALT RETURN. You won’t see the returns, but they will be there.

This is non-destructive. It only impacts on the compiled document, not the source project.

If you want to leave white space between paragraphs in Scrivener without using double returns, you can use paragraph spacing to do exactly that. You can then compile with appropriate typography.