So am I using the Corkboard correctly?

I create each scene as a Text. When I look at the folder in the corkboard, I see all the scenes and can sort them, reorder them, etc. I use labels and keywords to color-code for POV and characters.

So far so good. But when I look in the corkboard, the index cards are blank (other than the title, which is the binder title). If I want anything on those cards, I have to type it there in the corkboard. For example, a couple sentences describing the scene.

I’m wondering if this is how Scrivener works or if I’m missing some feature to define an excerpt or something.

That sounds fine to me! If you prefer to enter your synopsis text while looking at the document itself, you can do this in the synopsis area of the inspector while displaying your text in the editor. This might make it easier to cut and paste, or to paraphrase, depending on what you wish to enter as the synopsis text.

All the best,

Yep, that’s how it works. Note that the Documents -> Auto-generate synopsis command will do what its name suggests.