So far, so good!

So far, this is working for me, error-free (fingers crossed):

I have a Mac Mini dual-boot Mac OS & Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.1. I’d attach a System Info screen shot, but don’t see a way to do so.

I downloaded the latest PlayOnLinux (POL) (4.2.12) from their site. I selected the .deb for Ubuntu. I just double-clicked to install it via the debian package installer.

Per someone’s recommendation, I think on the WineHQ site, I uninstalled and purged every trace of Wine, Mono, and Scrivener (program info, not my data!). They have info on how to do that… plus I renamed the .wine “Program Files” folder, in case i needed 'em later. So far, I haven’t needed 'em.

I ran POL. They allow custom Wine versions, so elected to use their recommended Wine version, which is 1.6.7 as I recall. It put a generic POL Clover icon on the desktop labeled “Scrivener.” I found a nice Scrivener .png icon on this forum. It has a little Linux Penguin, so I used “properties” of the desktop link to install it as the Scrivener desktop icon.

When I first ran Scrivener after this install (double-clicking the icon), I still got the bug I’d had when I had first used only Wine: I’d had to keep entering my reg. code every 60 days. It kept extending my “trial” period each time. annoying, but no big deal. Scrivener’s Astrid says they don’t support Wine, so she couldn’t help. But this time, with POL, it first did say “Successfully registered!” but come up with the 59 days remaining message. However, when subsequently running Scrivener, I no longer get that nag. Yay!

I’ve edited my novel and played with a new file, So far, no problems.

I read of someone’s difficulty in compiling, I selected a few scenes and compiled them to a pdf. No problem… and the type face looks clearer on my screen than it did when running Scrivener simply under Wine. All the type on the screen, including program messages (e.g. the “compile completed” OK box) look clearer too.

For my text font I’m using a downloaded free TrueType font called Dark Courier. It’s nicer than Courier Dark, which has intentional blocked and missing character bits, and than Courier 10, which has very thin lines. I guess that’s to look more like a real typewriter. That’s not my goal; neatness is. Dark Courier is easier to read than either “stock” Courier fonts,

So,that’s my experience up to now.


I also use Scrivener under POL, it works well, however I’m having trouble printing.
Not only with Scrivener since the test with Wordpad gives the same thing.
In fact, when printing, I have nothing in the preview before and if I print I have a blank page. :frowning:
I think it’s a driver problem, did you meet that?

Thank you

Oh, I’m working with Canon PIXMA TS8051

Glad I found this post. I’ve previously had success with the linux .deb installer, but recently re-installed the newest Ubuntu and it would no longer launch. I tried the method outlined in this thread, and got the Windows installer working - apparently flawlessly (so far).

Personally, I wouldn’t use such an old version of WINE. The newest versions have a lot of improvements that older ones don’t have. I’m using wine-staging 3.7, and I haven’t had any problems.