So I did something dumb

While renaming a file, I deleted the .scriv extension. I then opened the file, which opened in BBEdit. Noting this, I closed BBEdit and replaced the extension.

All seems fine. It’s a big project, however. Have I damaged something I can’t see?

Thanks in advance.


Revert to the backup for safety-sake. If backup settings are in place, your latest backup is a duplicate of your WIP, except it may be zipped.

Wouldn’t BBEdit prompt you to save your changes on quit, if any ?

Just opened and then closed again? Should be fine.

Yes, opened and closed. VV: I panicked. I don’t know what BBEdit asked me. Thank you, both.

You’re fine! The “.scriv” on the end of the master folder is what makes this act like a “package” on a Mac, or a file you can double-click on rather than a folder you can see the contents of easily. Replacing the “.scriv” makes it go right back to working the way it should.

Thank you!

(character limit text achieved! :slight_smile: )