So... I'm an idiot. Best way to fix? (Backup + iPad issue)

Rambling ahead, but I suspect this might help someone else.

My backup system was always “active files” on hard drive, backups into Dropbox folder. But after buying the iOS version and going crazy with all the backup file clutter, I now see the error of my ways. I’m supposed to keep the “active file” on Dropbox and the backups on the hard drive (and possibly also backed up using iCloud or Google or something else).


(We won’t talk about how long it took me to get the iOS version working at all :cry: And we definitely won’t talk about what havoc this is going to wreak on my organizational system.)

My issue is that I’m currently traveling for 2 weeks with the iPad. The computer is at home but I can have my husband get on my laptop and move things around. What’s the smartest way to do this? Fortunately, there isn’t anything on the iOS app that needs to be synced back to the laptop.

  1. tell him to change the backup location on Scrivener (and reinstate zip) from Dropbox to hard drive

  2. have him open and save (my projects backup upon save) the dozen or so projects that are currently backing up into the iOS folder

  3. then have him drag the “active files” into Dropbox? Or is there a smart way to change the save location for the original file through Scrivener itself?

That should work, right? I want to make sure I’m clear before I start giving the poor guy instructions. All the current active files are Scrivener 3 and inactive projects are Scrivener 2, so it should be easy for him to see which ones to move into Dropbox. Plus, I’ll write up a list of all the names just to be sure. (I’ll need to do a total reorganization upon returning home.)

Someone stop me if I’m about to commit stupidity.

I would only do one thing.
Move the active projects I want to work on with my iPad to a new Dropbox folder and point the iPad to that new folder, so it doesn’t have to sync more than necessary.

I have all my Scriv projects in a subfolder in my Dropbox folder called Scrivener Projects. That subfolder has a sub-folder itself called Active projects. Projects I want to access from my iPad are moved to that sub-folder. Those that are no longer needed on the iPad are moved back to the parent folder.