So my startup drive cratered last Monday...

But I was able to save my Scrivener Backups folder. Thanks, Scrivener! Only about ten years of blood, toil, tears, and sweat in there.

Before you ask, my Time Machine drive had fallen ill, and I was making plans to replace it when this other bit of rubbish occurred. I hadn’t expected to be using the same mac for seven years, but so it goes. Not sure as yet what I’ll be able to recover. In the meantime, I’m starting over from scratch so I can get some things done.

Sorry to hear.
Good luck with the recovery effort.

Kev, when my first iMac’s motherboard went tits-up a few years ago, I had the hard drive removed. Couldn’t do it myself because iMacs are a pain in the butt to get into. Can you salvage your HD.
Good Luck

how close is Eugene to Wilsonville? I may be able to get some techs on your side (they owe me a favor or 30).

What a terrible confluence of events! Makes my “paranoid” backup scheme seem almost sane.

It isn’t. for no other reason than who it belongs to.

take that!

How dare you sir. How. DARE. You!

Wait… were you saying I’m not paranoid?

What are you up to, oh, headless heckler? :confused: :open_mouth:

I believe the topic of conversation was sanity. My claim is that you backup strategy can not be sane based on the source of said strategy’s level of sanity.

Oh, I know what you said, it’s what you didn’t say that has me suspicious… Perhaps even a bit PARANOID… You can’t fool a fool, as ‘they’ say. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to etching the binary diff of my previous backups into the granite slabs I have stored in my decommissioned missile silo. Let the NSA try and steal copies of that!

But surely, as the insane source claims to have made a backup strategy which to him is insane (paranoia being a form of insanity) the two ‘in’s cancel each other out, ergo the strategy can be sane.


Mr X

I’ve often wondered what the NSA would make of vic-k’s posts. Would they put him on a watch list just to follow the story to it’s conclusion? Would they all beg for reassignment to a less disturbing job like “kitten petter”? I would be an interesting study for nom…

I was just about to say that, but… pipped at the post, once again, tch!,tch!..ah well, so it goes.

So two wrongs do make a right?

That just make every political decision in the US valid…

Will three wrongs make it wrong again, or will they make it even righter?


or, wrongerer and wrongerer? :confused:

You done did gooder with that one.

A few points.

I back everything up to phonograph in double double goose latin ( a variant of pig latin much more difficult to understand) encrypted with a decoder ring from a 78 Craker Jacks box and a certain light bright pattern sketched out by the neighbor’s 7 year old while on cold medicine when he last had the flu. The only way to crack this old school method is brownies made in an old school Easy bake oven and a six pack of warm Keystone light watered down with a little crystal light and MD 20/20.

Yeah you just pictured that. Now picture Vic-k in a speedo with a angry cat under his arm and a bottle of absynthe ON FIRE!

Easy Tigers. If Bywater turns up this sanity business could get messy, but I have it on good authority that Vic-k’s backup strategy is simply to reverse at high speed and pray that no nuns are on the crossing. Articles of faith, and all that…

Well, thanks to, it wasn’t so difficult to install a new drive. I had to replace the optical drive about three years ago as well. The startup drive is all dead, the time machine drive is still slightly alive, but it is taking HOURS AND HOURS for Migration Assistant to read the backup files. Throw in a few power blips because of the snow and ice last weekend, and I’ve had four failed attempts so far, with about 8-10 hours of machine time involved in each one.

And um, quite the thread hijack, yes?

Well, isn’t it just about par for the course, aboard this, ‘Ship of Fools’, Master Kevin? :frowning: Moderators (do me a favour!!), should be made to walk the plank :imp:
Hang on in there with the retrieval, Master Kev,
Good Luck


Is the TM drive a local attached or one of the NAS types (box you set up but do not connect directly to your system)? If a local attached drive, stop the restore/migrate, and use disk utility to verify the drive integrity. You may have a corrupted slice due to the main drive failure. Fixing that (should it exist) will likely speed up your restore.

As to the highjack, what did you expect? they still let vic-k play in this sandbox. We don’t want him to feel … different … so we have to behave in a way that makes him comfortable. Think about it…