So Slow! So frustrating! Connected to fullscreen mode?

I’ve used Scrivener for a little bit and never had this problem, but this past week it has been malfunctioning and it’s been really frustrating. It’s weird because it’ll work fine for a bit and then suddenly it’ll start lagging by about 10 full seconds, typing and menus included. The menus will show a frame but no content. Even just clicking to type in a new area of the document takes forever.

It seems to maybe be connected to the fullscreen no distraction mode. When I exit the fullscreen mode the problem starts up. Not sure because I usually use that feature. Weirdly sometimes if I go back into fullscreen it types fine, but back to the regular screen and it’s freeze city again.

Also really weird and frustrating - after Scrivener freezes, the icons on my desktop disappear for a bit if I use the shortcut to go to my desktop instead of closing each individual window, and they don’t highlight when I hover my mouse over them. This only happens with Scrivener, no other program causes this to happen.

Things I’ve tried:
Restarting computer (technically temporarily works, but don’t want to do this every time I use Scrivener)
Restarting Scrivener (no)
Changing the auto save from 2 secs to 2 mins (no)
Running anti-virus software (no virus)
CC Cleaner (no change)

Part of the way through Nanowrimo, so sad that this is happening now, making it really hard to work.
Running Windows 10.

See this thread, maybe the solution mentioned inside will help: [url]]

If it doesn’t, you may want to send an email to the L&L Windows support team.

Where are you saving your Scriv project? Locally on your computer HD or using some cloud service?