So, what happens June 30?

Hello – I’ve downloaded the Beta, worked my way through the manual, and like it all very much – and haven’t found any bugs (that I noticed, anyway.) But I’m hesitant to actually start using it. I’m 15 months away from having to submit dissertation, so timing is bad to take up a software package with an uncertain release date. What happens after June 30, if product itself not available?

The next beta will be out within the week, prior to the 30th, so you’ll just need to upgrade to that and continue working. Your writing in Scrivener is just stored in RTF files within the project folder, however, so it is all accessible should doom come upon us all and Scrivener not be available. :slight_smile: (To be clear, you don’t want to just open up and edit those RTF files willy-nilly while you’re still working with a Scrivener project, since that would potentially goof with the other structural projet files that keep the whole thing together and working inside Scrivener, but if you had to extract them from Scrivener for whatever reason it is doable; the text is all there and can be read in other programs.)

Just remember to keep regular backups, especially if you’re working on something important, and I recommend using the compile feature more frequently than usual (every session or every few sessions) just to double-protect yourself by getting all your work into a nice single document somewhere in addition to backing up the entire project. Scrivener is still in beta, and though it’s fairly robust and auto-saves your work often, things do go awry sometimes with a beta. Backing up your work religiously is always a good idea anyway, of course, so it’s not a bad habit to get into.

Hello MimeticMouton – Thank you very much. Your info was very helpful. I can keep using it with a light heart! It was almost custom-made for my project: so I’m thrilled to find it, and look forward to actually paying for it! Cheers!

Well, just opened scrivener this morn and got the message that the working days
were over and that I had to get all my works OUT. And copy them to Micr.Word.
Been busy for a while. So I got it all out and closed scrivener. After one hour working
in Word I thought to have another look and opened scrivener…pusht TRY as usual and
it went wrong. Opened it again and pushed something like “restart” orso…the first button
in the popup. It worked again. S!@#$!@#$#%$. I need to put it all back in. :cry:
Well…I do not dare to do that…I do not know if it quits on me again.

greets Robert L

Not too sure I understand this … is your project work not available under ‘Open recent’ ?

Yes it is. euh…was.
But when you start scrivener a popup appears. On wich one have to push “trial”.
Well that didnt work. So another popup appeared to tell me to get all my writing out
and put it in Word or so. :open_mouth:

The second time…I was fed up with Micr.word…I tried reset on the popup. And now
I can go again for 28 days or until june 30th. But I wait until I can buy the prog…so
I donot have this trouble again. :confused:
It is such a good prog.



To avoid this issue just press reset trial every time rather than try.