Soft Paragraphs and nonprinting characters

How do I make a soft paragraph return in Scrivener?
(shift+return in MS Word).


Is there a way of showing nonprinting characters (e.g. to show where you have a soft or hard paragraph)?


Soft return is alt-cmd-return (Edit > Insert > Line Break). i.e. Same as it is in TextEdit, except that TextEdit doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut. As for being able to view invisible characters - I’m afraid not. Only certain fonts support this, anyway. If Apple ever embrace this in full then so will Scrivener. :slight_smile:

Any news about showing nonprintring characters?
I just spent half an hour correcting extra spaces :blush: typed on SC. Luckily enough, MS Word detects them as grammar errors.

->Text->Convert->Multiple Spaces to Space

What news were you expecting? :slight_smile:

Yep, the problem is that occasionally I need multiple spaces (in technical documents). Maybe, I should change the workflow and reintroduce them after cleaning the unwanted spaces. Thanks for the tip, though. :unamused:

I was just wondering about changes in Leopard :question:

There’s nothing in Leopard that enables the display of non-printing characters any more than there was in Tiger…