soft wrap in editor?

I’ve just installed Scrivener for Linux after using it happily for a long time on a Mac. All seems to be well apart from one thing - soft wrapping in the editor window, and/or setting default line length as part of text formatting.

In the Mac version, the line length can be set in Preferences, but that seems to missing in the Linux version, so that when I have Scriv running maximised (not full screen), I have longer lines in the editor than I’m comfortable reading.

To solve this, I either want to set a word wrap as you can in the Mac version, or use the paragraph formatting to set a line length. Either way’s fine, but I’m missing how it’s done.

I’m assuming word wrap line length just isn’t in Prefs, and I can’t figure out how to set margins in the Editor preferences - I can’t drag the right hand margin so it makes any difference in the actual Editor window, for instance.

Can anyone help?


Are you selecting all of the existing paragraphs before manipulating the ruler settings in the editor? Adjusting the right indent marker should work for this, but it works like other formatting where text needs to be selected before it can be adjusted. Additionally you will want to set the right indent in Options so new documents are set up the way you prefer.

I would throw in a cautionary note that if you do so, you’ll probably want to set your compile settings to override text formatting, so that this indent can be removed as what looks nice in your editor probably isn’t where you want words to be wrapped on the page or PDF.

But yes in the long run we’ll have the option for a fixed width editor display so that long lines are not a problem, as well as a “page view” that shows a simulated sheet of paper with margins and page breaks.

I can set the indents in the editor easily enough - it’s the setting the right indent in the default style in the Preferences box that doesn’t seem to do anything. For instance, the right indent appears to be at something like 6.5 initially, but that has no effect on where it is in the actual editor; you can drag the right indent marker in the Prefs box, but only fractions of an inch - there’s just not enough room in that little box - and unlike Scriv for Mac, there’s no dialogue box that I could find to set it numerically.

And since setting the right margin in Prefs doesn’t work, it means I’d have to reset every right indent on every paragraph I type to shorten the line length, which is a bit of a pain, to put it mildly.

Ah, I see what you mean then. It might be that in trying to set it to close to the end, you’re in effect simply disabling it. We have it set up so that if you drag the slider all the way to the right, it stops declaring a right indent. Try dragging it a little further to the left, and see if that works. I was able to set it to about 5.5" without any problem. New documents were set to wrap prematurely at about 5.5".

I can see that’s how it’s meant to work, but it doesn’t. The right indent on the ruler seems to be a very movable feast.

For instance, in the Prefs box, the little indicator for the right indent is set at just over 6.5. I can’t drag it beyond that because (as you say) Scriv seems to think I’m dragging it too far and bounce it back to where it started - a bit like if I’d tried to drag a margin into an unprintable area.

Meanwhile, the ruler in the editor window puts the right indent at a constant distance from the right edge of the Scriv window. If I have a single editor in a window which isn’t maximised, the right indent indicator is at 9.1 (which means the lines of text go all the way to the right, filling up the editor space). I can’t see any further than about 9.2 on the ruler.

If I maximise the Scriv window so it’s bigger, the ruler now shows up to about 12.4, and the right indent marker is at 12.2.

If I split the editor window vertically, the right indent markers go down to 5.6 on the left pane, and 3 on the right pane. If I drag the boundary between the panes to the left to change their respective sizes, the ruler in the left gets shorter, and the ruler in the right gets longer, but the right indent marker stays at the same distance to edge of the window.

In other words, is as though the indent markers are shadowing how the text is wrapping to the window, rather than being constant in their own right. The effect is a bit like dragging the vertical boundary of a cell in a table - the column widths change, but the aggregate width of the table stays the same.

It sounds complicated when I describe it… I’ll try to figure out how to do screenshots and post them.

(BTW… I was spinningdoc on these forums some time ago, when I was in the happy Land Of Mac…)

Ah yes, of course, how goes the transition to Linux overall? I’ve been straddling the Mac/Linux line more and more these days.

Okay, so much of what you are describing is just the way this is meant to work. Yes, the right-indent marker floats on the far right no matter how wide you set the window, when it is not specifically set to something. This way you can find it and manipulate it, and there is no need to horizontally scroll. All this means is that it isn’t specifically set to a measurement.

As an experiment, if you set your preferences to 3.5” or something equally small, it still generates new documents with a float right-indent? You might want to reset your settings and maybe even try in a new blank project, because that sounds like it could be a bug. I can’t reproduce it myself on the latest Linux build at any rate. I can set the indent in settings and new documents will follow along precisely.


A belated thanks for your helpfulness, as ever. It seems to be working now so I think it was down to a reboot or me just not setting up something properly. However I have another question, but that’s for another thread.