Software (and OS) suggestions?

Yes, you would be! Remember to avail yourself of the lovely recreational possibilities in what I think is the most unspoiled Park in the US! (Obligatory plug for tourism. It’s all we have.)

I have only tried Ullysses briefly, at the same time I was test-driving Scrivener, and Scrivener seemed much more full featured for what I need, which includes having italics and bold in rich text. (As someone who has dragged different works into and out of plain text and lost all my needed italics too many times, this had definite appeal.)

It’s really a case of realizing that meta-orientation can actually be more like one’s brain works than a straight linear dump like Word. If you’ve ever loaded multiple chapters to find that elusive description or fact, if you’ve ever been back and forth from your outline to your manuscript to keep them aligned, if you’ve ever made a bunch of index cards or sprawled on the floor with markers and a big sheet of butcher paper to get a handle on your structure to figure out what should go where when it’s not doing so now…

You’ll love how Scrivener thinks.

Here’s a previous post of mine where I explain how Scrivener helped me greatly: … php?t=1787