Software Champion

I was just reading through January’s MacUser magazine and got to the software champions (ie, software they can’t live without) section, to find that the production editor, Jon Lysons has written up an article on why Scrivener takes pride of place in his dock!

Cool… I’ll have to pick up a copy today.
Happy New Year!

Huh… Couldn’t find a copy. I could only find December’s edition. Oh well, guess I’ll look later in the week…

You can have mine if you want.

That’s very kind of you, but don’t worry, I’ll pick up a copy later in the week. It does look as though you have your copy early, as the website still has the December issue listed as the latest one. Of course, in the meantime, if you have a scanner and felt like e-mailing me a scan of that page, I certainly wouldn’t complain. :slight_smile:
Happy New Year,

jeeezz!! no…no…no!

Don`t let your wife or kids anywhere near your Mac :open_mouth:

She`ll be sending all kinds of crap and filth now!!!

However, speaking about software champions, in the recent issue of Writer’s Digest the glaring omission of Scrivener (and other worthy independents like Jer’s) in their roundup of writing software was inexcusable…or so my letter to the editor said. :smiley:

If a scan becomes available, and it doesn’t violate MacUser’s copyright, could it be posted for all to read? Getting a copy of MacUser, even in Los Angeles, can sometimes be an iffy proposition.



Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that would violate copyright… However, they usually post articles up on (it’s not up there yet, but it probably will be - the site hasn’t been updated since before Christmas). The mag was only out yesterday (I’m guessing Pink subscribes and got it earlier than it goes into the shops), so I’m hoping to pick up a copy later today or tomorrow…

There must be some way to read this article !!!

I usually buy MacUser at the news stand in Santa Monica, but they had sold out the issue.

Can’t you post it as a text file and give full credit to the copyright holder???

MacUser often has very interesting things to say.


I read the reviews and the reason for that one was… they had the MAJORS for the WIN platform. If memory serves, they had none for the MAC…

Hmm perhaps it is time to write an article of writing software for the Mac.


Sadly, in the end I had to e-mail MacUser and ask for a copy of this issue. I looked everywhere locally and no one had it. Normally it’s not difficult to get. And now there’s a new issue out. It’s not on their website, either. It can’t be posted here, though, because of copyright issues. I can only hope that this is because it was a popular issue and now everyone has read about Scrivener!

What about letting us know what the girst of the article was? Boy, this copyright stuff is crazy, even for writers!