Software dedicated to maintaining cast and settings

I love Scrivener for the organization of my writings, but as the number of characters and all of their information grows, I sometimes feel that it would be nice to just have another application handle that for me. I have all of them under Research in Scrivener, but it just feels clumsy (for me, at least) trying to keep track of all of them there. Plus, if I had another application handle that, I could keep it open on another screen. I usually have my editor split in Scrivener already and find that using one pane for cast is not efficient.

Does anyone have any recommendations for software that is dedicated to maintaining characters? It would be nice if it also handled settings, but if it only did characters, that would be enough.

Mark, or roll your own with MS Excel.

Thanks… I did find that one during my search (even installed the demo), but it’s crippled and won’t save unless you buy it, so I didn’t really bother at that point. For software like this, I want to try a full-function demo for a few days before purchasing. Same went for Scrivener - it was a little difficult at first getting the hang of, but they give you 30 working days to try it, and that’s why I bought it.

Right now, I’m using StoryBook - it’s open source (you can upgrade to Pro and unlock more features). It’s not really the money as much as it is functionality. I’ll play with this for a while and if I get hooked, pay for the Pro version.

I’ve found some that looked promising until I installed the demo, then was disappointed :frowning:


You know, the first time I read this, I thought about it for a second, then realized that Excel wouldn’t really suit me, but after thinking a bit more, remembered Access. I may just design a database to do exactly what I want.

Thanks for giving me a flash of inspiration that I’d completely overlooked :slight_smile:


Pleased to be of (indirect) help.